Chelsea (Silver Line)

Ooh, another Commuter Rail station! This time, it’s a CR-Silver Line transfer point, and it isn’t in downtown Boston! Neat! Wait, what’s that?

Helvetica Bold?! Sweet!

The worst part of the above grade crossing, is that it’s the only way to the other side of the tracks. So, if you’re in a hurry, you best hope the train doesn’t force the gates down and block the street. The station itself is fine, though. You have shelters, modern countdown clocks, and a reasonable amount of benches. You also have a shelter and a turnarond point for the buses in the busway (yes, this is a Silver Line stop!) There also happens to be a bathroom here, too, but I think it’s for MBTA employees only. Nearby is also a connection to the 112 and 114, as well as what seems like the world’s largest Market Basket. As a fun tidbit, further up the busway, one can spot the old Chelsea Station right next to Bellingham Square. While track work upstream led to no trains while I was here, the fact there were people getting on and off the Silver Line stop does suggest there’s ridership.

The quiet platforms heading inbound to North Station
The busway
A system map
Countdown clocks and a bus laying over!
The old Chelsea Station, at Bellingham Square

The good: It links Chelsea to downtown Boston and the south side by way of rapid transit! It’s also useful for people trying to get to the north side by way of Commuter Rail, and more local areas by bus. There’s also a Market Basket here, along with some healthcare buildings nearby!

The bad: THAT. DARN. GRADE CROSSING. God, that irritates me SO MUCH.

Nearby points of interest: There’s Market Basket! There’s also some healthcare buildings in the area along with some state offices.

Transit connections:
Commuter Rail (Newburyport, Rockport)
Silver Line (SL3)
MBTA bus (112, 114, at Market Basket)

Overall, it’s a nice station. If I could change anything, it’d be that grade crossing, however that’d open up a whole can of worms I’m not ready for. I do like how it’s right at places where any reasonable person would want to go on any given day, too.

Rating: 7.5/10


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