203 Flex (Narragansett/S. Kingstown)

Alrighty, the second to last “extra” content for RIPTA: the 203 Flex. This one largely mirrors the Narragansett routes, so here we go.


So, I boarded at URI and went to Salt Pond. Not a crazy route. And, it happens this mirrored the 69 as well. So, we went down Rte. 108 through Wakefield and Peace Dale, just like the 69. There’s not really much to it since I’ve done all the routes, so I’ll talk about the zone itself. There’s four scheduled stops at Memorial Union (URI), Salt Pond, the Wakefield Mall, and the Oliver Stedman Government Complex (which houses the county courthouse, the DMV branch, upon other things). It also stops at …pretty much every beach, which the various fixed routes also do. Oh, it has weekend service!

Peace Dale yet again
I HATE these flags!
The Wakefield Mall
Salt Pond Plaza

The good: It lets you get to South County Commons and the Stedman Complex, I guess.

The bad: The area is literally covered pretty well in fixed routes, enough so to where one could reasonably make the argument that the Flex is, dare I say, unnecessary. I mean sure, South County Commons and the Stedman Complex aren’t served by fixed routes, but like, nothing says they can’t get a fixed route.

Nearby points of interest: Pretty much all of Narragansett and most of SK.

Overall, why? Just, why? I mean, at least it isn’t the 49.

Rating: 3/10


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