North Quincy (Red Line)

Ah, another Quincy station. At least, this one isn’t as large as the others, so it should be a quick one.

The MBTA waypoint

So, of course, the platform seems a bit small getting off the train, but that’s likely due to the simple fact it’s a relatively small island platform sandwiched in Quincy. Ridership isn’t high thankfully, so the station isn’t overkill. There’s also a small mezzanine area where fare control is, along with CharlieCard machines. There’s a shelter on the platform, along with a small busway serving four (relatively infrequent) routes. The mezzanine might also be an alright place if one wants to foam the Old Colony Lines while still being safe from the elements, but mileage may vary on that.

Helvetica and stairs up
The Red Line, with Old Colony to the side
eff fourty pee haych
An escalator down
Bilevel cab car!
The elevator
The Red Line!
Towards Boston, from Braintree. And a parking garage.
Platform-level shelter
Another train

The good: It’s got two entrances (the other of which I have reasons to believe is much of the same), one from the street and the other from the parking garage. Furthermore, it’s relatively walkable vs. Quincy Adams and Braintree. Being in a residential area, it’s largely got ridership locally rather than from afar.

The bad: The platforms can get a little tight. This place also feels like a time capsule in a not so good way. And lastly, it’s just so damn far from JFK/UMASS.

Nearby points of interest: There’s a Target here! If you’re willing to walk approx. half a mile, you can also get to the beach from here.

Transit connections:
Red Line (Braintree)
MBTA bus (210, 211, 215, 217)

Overall, it’s alright and functional, but it’s just so very dated. Just, please give this one a reskin.

Rating: 6/10


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