Wollaston (Red Line)

Alrighty! So, we’ve done all the other stops in Quincy …and, actually, all the other stops on the Braintree branch. Let’s see if Wollaston, the last holdout, is any better than the rest and I did save the best for last, shall we?


Now, why the HELL did it take me so long to get to Wollaston? Well, it’s easy, actually. Most of the time I’m down here, I’m with someone, and we simply had nothing to do with the area. However, let’s look at the station, with that crap out of the way. One exit has you exiting towards a sizable parking lot and Hancock Street, with residences nearby. Fortunately, the station is still somewhat walkable as you also have a pedestrian footpath heading towards Beale St. and various businesses in the area. On the other side, you have Newport Avenue. And, at the intersection of Newport and Beale is the station’s sole bus connection: the 211 to Quincy Center, North Quincy, and Squantum. At the station itself, you have a Pedal & Park, along with a headhouse that’s actually quite modern and nice, likely as it was rebuilt in 2019. Lastly, there’s a pedestrian bridge to the Red Line platforms from the parking lot.

11 minutes!
And we shall descend into madness…
Pedal & Park!
Into the headhouse!
Down from the other set of stairs!
The headhouse with the Boston skyline looming

The good: It’s in a residential neighborhood, and despite that has an ample amount of parking still (for those coming in from a bit further out). It’s also modern and among the newest stations on the MBTA, so there’s that. Also, bathrooms exist here and are PUBLIC!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!

The bad: I know they tried on this, but the geography of the station just doesn’t lend itself well to being walkable, given one side of Newport Ave. has a steep grade. Also, the bus stop could be placed a little better.

Nearby points of interest: If you’re into Asian cuisine, you’ll be happy to know Wollaston is a predominantly Asian neighborhood, and as such you’ll probably find some more authentic restaurants vs., say, Panda Express in your nearest mall or lifestyle center.

Transit connections: Red Line, MBTA bus (211, at Newport & Beale)

Overall, this has got to be the best station on the Braintree branch, and that says a bit given most of the stations are 6s with a 7 mixed in. Unlike the others, it’s actually nice to look at AND isn’t dingy, and furthermore there’s actually BATHROOMS here too!

Rating: 8/10


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