Boston College (Green Line)

Alrighty, so I’ve done every other station on the B branch, let’s now start looking at Boston College!


So, what’s special about Boston College? Absolutely nothing! No, seriously, nothing. You’ve got a Green Line maintenance facility here, and facilities for operators, but aside from that not a lot else. You’ve also got bus shelters for sheltering on rainy or snowy days, and a mini-high for level Type 7 boarding. One of the major downsides to here, though, is that trains can get stuck with traffic because they need to cross half of Commonwealth Avenue to reach the median. And, no, there’s no semblance of traffic priority for the Green Line here to my awareness.

OH NO, DOTS!!!!!
And around the loop ya go!
Commonwealth Avenue!

The good: It’s on the Boston College campus! You’ve also got BlueBikes here, for those who need to go a little further out than what walking can do.

The bad: Eh, I find it weird how this is the only terminal without any semblance of bus connections, though to be fair Riverside only has peak-only bus connections. And no, I’m not counting the BC bus network for this one. Also, that mini-high looks worn. And, no heating in the shelters?!

Nearby points of interest: Boston College!

Transit connections:
Green Line (B)

Overall, it’s alright, however I’d hope for a little more out of a major Green Line terminal. Maybe I’m being too needy. However, one thing’s for sure, and it’s better than the vast majority of stations on the line.

Rating: 4/10


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