Boston University-area Green Line stops (B branch)

Alrighty, so now that we got the absolute worst of the worst on the MBTA out of the way, let’s look at some half-decent stations, shall we? Now, the BU-area stations. These stations, namely, are Babcock Street, Amory Street, BU Central, BU East, and Blandford Street. Buckle down, as I walked the entirity of this segment of the Green Line for these reviews.

Hehe, Babcock…..

Alrighty, so these all are pretty much copy-paste, hence the 5-in-1 deal of a review. They all have shelters, wastebaskets, benches(!!!), and even countdown clocks and announcements. DAMN!!! The other stops make these look like Back Bay copy-pastes in comparison! Now, there’s also not much, and these are the last stops of the B branch before the central mainline at Kenmore. Oh yeah, the 57 runs down here too. Neat.

See ya!
Looking up towards HELL!
See ya again!
Amory Street!
BU Central!
A mini-high???
The platform at BU East
And the helvetica!
The last stop – Blandford St.!
Please, no more!
Under the ground!

The good: There’s shelters, benches, and a countdown clock! Yay, the bare basics are here!!! WOOHOO!!!!! They also serve the areas in/around BU!

The bad: Eh, vs. the other stations not a lot is wrong here. I guess my biggest complaint is Blandford’s inaccessibility, and the mini-high at BU Central. That’s a weird thing. Also, good luck with crossing US-20.

Nearby points of interest: BU is the big one. If you’re a railfan, you can also easily reach the Grand Junction from these stops as well. I’d recommend Amory St. in particular, for the CP3.3 switch

Transit connections:
Green Line (B)
MBTA bus (57)

Overall, yeah these are relatively great stations. However, in the grand scheme of the MBTA, they’re average at best. Yeah, sorry but not sorry.

Rating: 5/10


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