Washington St. & Harvard Ave. (Green Line)

Alrighty, so we’ve basically scraped the bottom of the toilet bowl for the B branch, surely it’s only uphill from there, right? Well……

Woah, shelter!

So, since Washington St. & Harvard Ave. are essentially copy-pasted, I’m doing both as one entry. What sets them apart from the other stinkers? Well, you got a tactile safety strip, wheelchair lifts, and shelters with trashbins. Woah!!! Still, no benches!

A train cresting the hill
That’s quite the view!

The good: There’s shelters and wastebins! Neat!

The bad: The damn platforms are STILL very narrow! Also, no benches!

Nearby points of interest: Same shopping on Commonwealth Avenue as from the other stops.

Transit connections:
Green Line (B)
MBTA bus (65 @ Washington St., 66 @ Harvard Ave.)

Overall, these stations are STILL awful! But, they’re marginally better!!!

Rating: 1.5/10


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