State St. (Blue/Orange Lines)

Alrighty, so now to Boston’s State Street! Yes, yes, I know, I did State Street before and it was pretty good for a secondary station. However, that was a CTrail station. This is one of the transfer stations in Boston. So, let’s get into it.

Blue Line signage!

So, the Blue Line platform is about average, you’ve got some benches and wastebaskets. It’s also pretty well-lit! In terms of what’s further out from here, there’s not a lot, as you only have Government Center and Bowdoin. It’s also well-lit, so there’s that. And then, there’s the Orange Line. The Orange Line is a similar story to the Blue Line’s platform, however it’s a lot more dingy and less tile-ridden. Also, the transfer. IF YOU’RE GOING FROM EITHER BLUE LINE PLATFORM TO THE ORANGE LINE’S SOUTHBOUND PLATFORM, GOOD LUCK. YOU BETTER HAVE THE STAMINA OF A HORSE TO MAKE THE LONG TREK THROUGH THE TUNNELS FROM CONGRESS STREET TO THE GENERAL VICINITY OF THE OLD MEETING HOUSE. YOU KNOW YOU FUCKED UP MAJORLY IF YOU NEED A BENCH IN THE TUNNEL. And yes, the elevator smelled awful. Yeah. Anyways, the headhouses!

Bowdoin train
The platforms
Oh no
The Oak Grove platform – closest to the Blue Line
You know it’s bad if you need a bench
The transfer of death
This elevator smelled AWFUL!
The Forest Hills platform, courtesy of a friend
And some orange Helvetica!
The other end of the transfer of death

Oh yeah, the headhouses! Now, several of them are quite modern, as you’d expect given the fact this is downtown Boston. But, one of them in particular stands out – it IS the old state house! Yeah, who thought that was good? Either way, pretty cool they got a subway station entrance in the state house. Oh yeah, Citizens Bank once owned naming rights to the place, too. Bus connections also exist, but most of them are for express buses.

THIS is a headhouse?! DAMN!

The good: It’s one of the major transfer points for subway lines! Did I mention the State House headhouse? Yeah, that’s cool despite the dinginess inside. The other headhouses are alright, too!

The bad: THAT DAMN TRANSFER. IT’S ABYSMAL. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING, DRINKING, SMOKING?! Also, no bus shelters for the bus connections. And, why didn’t they renovate the Orange Line platforms when they did the Blue Line’s in 2011?

Nearby points of interest: Faneuil Hall is the big one, along with shopping on Washington St.

Transit connections:
Orange Line
Blue Line
MBTA bus (4, 92, 93, 354)

Overall, it’s not too terrible a station. However, the transfer to the southbound platform pretty much kills it with how much a walk it is.

Rating: 6.5/10


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