Fenway (Green Line)

Fenway. The final Green Line stop. The end of the line, even, if you will. (even though it’s the first stop after Kenmore). How good is it? Is it a “grand” finale to the Green Line saga? Let’s find out, as I wave goodbye to Jacklyn and after a short victory dance.


First off, the platform is, yet again, copy-pasted from the rest of the D branch. You know, shelters, heated area, wastebaskets, that stuff. It’s also accessible, and there’s a mini-high for Type 7s on the Riverside end of the platforms. However, I don’t think any trains stop that far back. Now, contrary to popular belief, this is NOT the closest stop to Fenway Park (that’s Kenmore – served by both the B and C as well, and Lansdowne on the Worcester Line), and the park is NOT the station’s namesake – that would be the Fenway parkway. This isn’t helped by the fact there’s literally Red Sox art in the underside of the overpass! There’s stairs connecting it to Park Drive, which also has the station’s two bus connections with the 47 and the CT2. While the primary entrance is a staircase, accessibility is done via the Landmark Center’s parking lot and a bike path from Miner Street. It’s also generally dense around here as well. With the station being in the underside of an overpass, it feels kinda dingy. Oh yeah, as another fun aside, you can do an on-foot transfer to the C branch from here! Neat! There’s also a validation machine but it doesn’t seem to work.

Towards Riverside and mini-highs!
Towards the portal to Hell
Heated shelter! (under an overpass though?)
Grade crossing and a wheelchair lift!
The Citgo sign hides…
The Landmark Center!
Stairs to Park Drive!
Had too many Type 7 pictures, so here’s a Type 8!
Updated Green Line map!!!

The good: It’s got density! Furthermore, there’s plenty of shopping within the Landmark Center too. Furthermore, the bus connections have shelters! Neat! Also, the usual D branch affairs.

The bad: It’s a bit dingy, and I’m sure signage acknowledging the station’s existence would be nice!

Nearby points of interest: The Emerald Belt, mainly! The Landmark Center probably has some interesting shops, though I’m not sure.

Transit connections:
Green Line (D)
MBTA bus (47, CT2)

Overall, it’s not a bad station to finish out the Green Line saga on. It’s not the best, however it’s certainly far from the worst, despite its flaws.

Rating: 7/10


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