15 (St. Peter’s Square/Kane Square/Uphams Corner)

Remember when I wrote about Uphams Corner, that there were two bus connections? This is one of them. Let’s look at the 15.


So, I got on the bus at Uphams Corner, meaning I didn’t go through Kane or Saint Peters Square, and it was a weekday so it didn’t go all the way to Fields Corner. The routing, though, has the bus coming up Hancock Street from St. Pete’s and Kane Squares into Uphams Corner proper, then up Dudley Street to Uphams Corner Station. From here, it’s largely a straight shot down Dudley Street, while supplementing many bus routes through the area, which was very residential. Eventually, after winding through the dense-ish streets of Dorchester, we reach Nubian and then afterwards do the usual Nubian-Ruggles run, via Roxbury Crossing. Yeah, not a lot to say, it’s a quick one and done route.

A local barber!
Looks like a local garden or something
More stuff!
Nearing Nubian!
There was another sign like this that still read “DUDLEY
And back to Ruggles!
ACAB? Idk.
BUS connection.

The good: It supplements existing transit, and in of itself is very frequent (every 15 minutes!), especially versus the Fairmount Line. It also gets decent ridership as a result, with my particular trip becoming standing room until Nubian. Furthermore, many of the areas it DOES serve are relatively starved for transit as well.

The bad: Can we have ALL trips run to Fields Corner via Kane and St. Peter’s Square please?!

Nearby points of interest: The Kroc Center, a few parks in the area, and Kane and St. Peter’s Square. Also, Uphams Corner (the neighborhood) looks like an interesting place.

Overall, it’s alright, and for what it is it gets the job done pretty well. I just don’t have much more to add here.

Rating: 7/10


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