Lewis Wharf (MBTA)

Lewis Wharf, oh boy! Well, there’s not a lot to say about it so this one’s short and sweet. Lewis Wharf is a short walk from Maverick Square and the shopping that surrounds it. It is also pretty barebones, with just a few benches and not a shelter to be seen. Signage? Only tells you to buy the tickets on mTicket. The views of the city are nice!

The boarding area
Some housing, I think
towards Charlestown!
Another boat!
That’s not fancy!

The good: It’s pretty close to Maverick Square and East Boston! Yeah, I don’t have a lot to say.

The bad: It’s kinda barebones!

Nearby points of interest: Maverick Square, duh! You also have Jeffries Point.

Transit connections:
MBTA ferry (East Boston)
Blue Line & various buses (at Maverick)

Overall, meh, it’s barebones and there’s not a lot to say about it.

Rating: 3/10


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