City Point (MBTA)

Alrighty, new territory time! This time, we’re in South Boston at City Point. So, what’s here? Uhhhhh…

It looks like a nice area

Actually, there’s not much here. Just some facilities for buses to dwell and other MBTA-related maintenance facilities it looks like. Yeah, I actually don’t have much to remark other than that it seems like a nice enough neighborhood. You got bus shelters!

Shelters and buses!
I don’t think I’m supposed to be here…

The good: It’s in South Boston!

The bad: Eh, it doesn’t feel like the best of places to wait. The only thing keeping this from being lower is that it’s not signed as a proper rapid transit station (nor is it one). Still, it doesn’t seem like the kind of place I’d want to wait for extended periods of time.

Nearby points of interest: There’s a few beaches!

Transit connections:
MBTA bus (7, 9, 10, 11)

Overall, yeah, got nothing to remark about here.

Rating: 3/10


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