Beverly Farms (MBTA)

Alrighty, so we went from Beverly (which kinda sucked), to Prides Crossing (which undisputedly sucks), and now we’re at Beverly Farms. Is it bad like Wellesley or Green’s Farms? Well, let’s see.

See ya!

Okay, so Beverly Farms. You have a rather barren mini-high, but not as bad as Beverly’s in that it’s one piece (or two? one for each side?), yay! There’s some parking, some of it looks like a mud and gravel patch? Yeah, I’m not sure, but there’s still parking. There’s some benches and wastebaskets on the platforms at least, along with two(!!!) red dot matrix signs! Yay! There’s also shelter on the inbound side, primarily around the storefront housing a bagel shop. As for Beverly Farms, the neighborhood? Well, I actually like it and need to check it out further. The area’s got some charm to it. However, I must ask one thing: WHY IS THERE NO SHELTER ON THE OUTBOUND SIDE?! Pretty typical of most stations, sadly.

The other platform
The crossover
That’s not standard Helvetica!
That’s a lot better!
The sheltered area
The red dot matrix signage
The neighborhood

The good: Well, it’s in a nice area! Furthermore, the mini-highs aren’t decrepit! Also, there’s a bagel shop and a decent amount of parking!

The bad: The platform’s kinda barebones, and there’s no shelter outbound! Furthermore, why is it in zone 5?!

Nearby points of interest: There’s a few restaurants and shops in the neighborhood, including a Dunkies, a bagel shop, and a couple of bars, along with a bookstore and gift shop. There’s also a beach to the south!

Transit connections: Commuter Rail (Rockport Line)

Overall, while the platforms are just bad, I like the area and want to check it out further some time, and admittedly I’m a little biased with that regard. But, even objectively, Beverly Farms is just an interesting area!

Rating: 5/10


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