Melrose Highlands (MBTA)

Alrighty, the first of the Melrose trio (or, second of a quartet, if you count Oak Grove as “almost Melrose”). And, this station is notable for one sad fact about it. I’ll get to that as I dig further into this entry.

This seems innocent enough, no?
Aaaaaaaand there lies why this station is notable.

This station is notable in that it is the only accessible station between Oak Grove and Reading. Yep, you read that right! In the 7 and a half mile stretch between those two stations, THIS is the only ADA compliant stop. That’s just sad. So, how’s the rest of the station? About average. You have wastebaskets, red dot matrix signs, and wouldn’t you believe it – the mini-highs are sheltered on BOTH sides! YAY!!!!! As for the surrounding area, there’s an apartment complex (apparently public housing, from what I can find. We stan transit-accessible public housing here) and a few shops nearby. There’s also parking, and while the 137 doesn’t stop here, the 131 does. Honestly, this station isn’t half-bad, unlike the rest of the stops on the inner Haverhill (okay okay, Oak Grove, Malden, Reading, y’all get a pass…). Yay!

The inbound side
That’s not Helvetica Bold!
The crossing and the 4pm sun
And onwards to the next stop – on foot!

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