Norwood Depot (MBTA)

And now we’re at the OTHER Norwood station! Norwood Depot doesn’t have a depot, but it is in Norwood Center. Did someone swap the name plates for these?! Well, whatever.


The station has the mini-highs at the grade crossing, which is convenient, AND they have stuff on them. Benches, no less! Furthermore, they line the platform, which extends into the woods a bit. There’s also some parking, and a red dot matrix sign as well. Ugh. Well, whatever. You also have some suburban TOD in the form of apartment complexes, a kiss & ride, and even some bicycle racks. Yeah, this is actually pretty decent! Nice! Just no station building.

The gates are down!
We stan suburban density!
Towards Foxboro & Forge Park!
The mini-high!
A crossing!
Not sure what that building is
I hate photographing these signs. Why do I even try?
Towards Readville!

The good: It’s in the town center, has some parking, stuff on the mini-high, and some TOD around it!

The bad: I guess the worst thing this station has going for it is being too damn close to Norwood Central. I legitimately can’t think of much. Raise the platforms a bit?

Nearby points of interest: Norwood Center!

Transit connections:
Commuter Rail (Franklin, Foxboro)
MBTA bus (34E, on Washington St.)

Overall, I like this station. There’s not much wrong with it, however the best change would be a full length high platform and some kind of up & over/down & under to change sides.

Rating: 7/10


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