Green Line C (Beacon St.)

Alrighty, so the B branch sucked greatly, so let’s see how the C branch stacks up.

End of the line

The C branch terminates out in Cleveland Circle in Brookline, however technically it could terminate at Reservoir, if need be, due to the presence of an extra set of platforms. From here, it runs down the median of Beacon Street, through a residential neighborhood in Brookline. In fact, from here there’s several points where you can walk to get a D branch train, with Dean Road being a walk from Beaconsfield. There’s not much to remark about on Beacon Street, although there are points where the scenery looks nice. Besides, most stops here are just like the B branch, but slightly wider. For one, you have the right of way in the side of a hill between Washington Square and Coolidge Corner. Furthermore, Coolidge Corner in of itself is a pretty nice foaming spot on the branch, while you also have shopping. There’s also some churches and other old buildings lining the street as well. Neat! Eventually, St. Mary’s St. (& its on-foot transfer to Fenway) marks the end of the branch, sadly, as it goes into Kenmore and runs into the central subway to Government Center.

Englewood Avenue!
Oh no, is that Comic Sans?!
Stairs and a hillside!
Nonrevenue move at Coolidge Corner!

The good: It serves Beacon Street in Brookline! Plus, it’s relatively short.

The bad: Many of these stops are dubious (though not to the same degree as the B) and lack bus alternatives. Furthermore, they’re pretty close!

Nearby points of interest: Coolidge Corner is cool! Furthermore, the Chestnut Hill reservoir is nearby, as is the B and D branches at Cleveland Circle! Yeah, I’m at a loss with how residential it is.

Overall, it’s alright. It’s definitely better than the B branch, that’s for sure. However, I’d personally put the D and E above it.

Rating: 6/10


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