Capen St. (Mattapan Line)

The 2nd to last station on the line before going into Mattapan, Capen St. is an unassuming station in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Let’s look at it, shall we?


There’s not a lot to it. You got a shelter on the Ashmont platform, benches, wastebaskets, and mini-highs. Yeah, not a lot here. However, the grade crossing (one of a kind on the T!) does make for some pretty cool railfanning shots, particularly when it’s warmer and the area is more leafy. Neat!

The mini-high
The crossing!
A nearby park!

The good: It’s in an unassuming neighborhood! Furthermore, it’s nice and quiet, and overall really isn’t that terrible a place to wait.

The bad: The lack of shelter on the Mattapan platform kinda sucks!

Nearby points of interest: There’s a park!

Transit connections:
Mattapan Line

Overall, I like this station, pretty much for how quiet it is. Yeah, I don’t have much to say. It’s just decent. Just please give it an outbound shelter!

Rating: 8.5/10


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