The Future of Chelsea’s Corner

Alright, so a lot has been going on lately with myself and the future of the blog, and I figured I’d set the record straight on what’ll happen soonish. So, with that in mind, let’s dig straight into it with no delay.


Okay, prison reviews. What, exactly, does this entail? Well, it’s a new series I’m planning on doing where I’ll commit various crimes to get into various different prisons, review them and my experiences, and whatnot. Essentially, like station reviews, but even more fun because then I’m required to commit all sorts of (ideally white collar) crimes! 😀
So, stay tuned to watch me commit immigration crimes and insurance fraud, I guess! Maybe bribery, as well.


Yes, you read that right. I’ll be venturing into the realm of OnlyFans. For those who know what OnlyFans is, you know. For those who don’t, it’s where you post your favorite pictures of your fans and everyone foams like crazy over them. Sounds great, no? If it sounds bad, well, I gotta pay the bills somehow and Walmart isn’t cutting it anymore. Maybe you might get to watch me partake in CHALLENGE PISSING. Or, you might get to see me Weston someone’s Whopper. Who knows? Link will be provided when it’s ready, must be 18+ to sign up.


Yes, you also read that right. I will be joining the call to dieselize the MBTA rapid transit network by the year 2035, with the pros of allowing EVERYBODY to have the Back Bay Experience(TM)!!! Please do join me in getting this monumental effort underway. Given the MBTA’s aversion to electrification, I’m sure this will be a lot easier than electrifying the Commuter Rail. Viva la diesel, and long live the Budd RDC!


Yes, I’m a money hungry bastard. I’m going to be beginning a Patreon to assist my OnlyFans, both of which will be funding my transit escapades and my transition. But, what benefits will be given to Patreon? Lobbying? Crowdfunded trolleybuses? Nope! You get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Yes, that’s right, NOTHING! Fuck you if you’re a big enough schmuck to sign up for Patreon! Link will be provided when ready.


Last section for this announcement: trolleybuses! I am going to be crowdsourcing funding for RIPTA to set up trolleybuses all around Rhode Island, much to the demise of NIMBYism. Allegedly they’re superior, but I’ve always maintained the school of thought that trolleybuses absolutely SUCK, and I still stand by that and the fact they’re the most inflexible type of vehicle second to trains. So, while the Washington Bridge is out and the governor is trying to get the Senate President’s brother to do the job to fix it, why not add to the mess by goring up Kennedy Plaza with catenary everywhere? Stay tuned for the Fundrazr link.

So, as y’all can probably tell, this blog is going places locally. And, I’m excited. I hope y’all are too, thanks for the 2+ years of adventures, and I hope to have 2+ more years. And, if you’ve read this far, you’ve probably realized that this isn’t serious by any means of the imagination. (look at the publish date, silly!)


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