Plimptonville (MBTA)

Wait, I thought I already did Walpole! Whelp, apparently not, because there’s a shuttered microstation out here. Let’s take a look at it though, shall we?

Plimpton Street

Plimptonville is a small station in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Walpole, Mass., and was named after the Plimpton Iron Works that was near here. Over the years, though, the mill renamed, closed, and the MBTA tried closing the station in the ’80s. However, 20 someodd people protested, and coincidentally that was the station’s ridership at last count before being shuttered. The station was also the least-served station on the T, being only one weekday round trip, weekdays only. Yep. That is sad. The station itself is pretty sad too. You have no parking, a mini-low platform, a light, and a sign saying “PLIMPTONVILLE TRAIN STATION”. You don’t even have a damn sidewalk. Yikes! The Franklin Line is also single-tracked through here, and I’m sure it’s an okay place to railfan both it and CSX. Anyways, yeah, this station sucks so badly, it’s quite possibly the sorriest station on the southside lines. I genuinely cannot think of anything worse. Islington? Nope, that’s got shelter. Newtonville? At least that gets actual service and has connections. Even freakin’ RIVER WORKS is better. Well, there ya have it. Quite possibly the shittiest southside station.

Oh this is bad.
No sidewalk!
Some houses
A cliff
Towards Foxboro and Forge Park
And towards Boston
The Neponset River
An overpass

The good: This station’s closed! In theory, the entire station can also be used as a restroom!

The bad: This station has no walkshed. There’s no sidewalks. The Franklin Line is single tracked, the platform can barely handle one door, and there isn’t even any bus service on MA-1A!!! What the FUCK?! There is also no Helvetica Bold signage.

Nearby points of interest: Nothing. No, seriously, there isn’t anything around here.

Transit connections: LMAO.

Overall, yeah, thank god this station is shuttered. There’s nothing here, it sucks, and it’s waist-deep in car-dependent suburbia. Just drive to Walpole!

Rating: (π-3)/10


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