Charles/MGH (Red Line)

They say this station can get you a nice view of the Boston skyline. Well, not really, if it’s a rainy day. Oh well!

Helvetica on the other side!

So, in contrast to most (all, to my awareness, actually) Red Line stations, Charles is elevated above a roundabout at the start of the Longfellow Bridge, which crosses, you guessed, the Charles River. Going inside, the mezzanine has stairs, an escalator (which is out of service), and an elevator for accessibility. Oh yeah, it’s pretty much all glass. Exits here go out towards Charles and Cambridge Streets, and the Esplanade. As for future plans with the station, there’s talks of extending the Blue Line out here and converting it into a transfer station with an underground platform, presumably with access within fare control.

Looking down the Longfellow Bridge
I don’t think this sign works
The lobby and fare control

The good: It’s cool to have an elevated station! You’ve also got Mass General Hospital nearby along with the parks along the Charles River. It also just looks cool.

The bad: It’s located in the middle of a damn intersection! Have fun hailing Mary and praying you don’t end up at MGH!

Nearby points of interest: MGH and the parks!

Transit connections: Red Line (Ashmont, Braintree)

Overall, it’s a nice station. Better that it’s elevated. However, the major problem with this are the lack of a Blue Line transfer and the fact it’s in the middle of an intersection.

Rating: 9/10


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