Broadway (Red Line)

Woah, Broadway! Why does it seem like EVERY Red Line incident happens here??????


So, for one they clearly went happy with tiling here. Probably because they knew this station was cursed with every incident under the sun happening here: between trains demolishing the platform in derailments, someone having their armed ripped off and subsequently DYING, yeah… But hey, the platforms are nice, and there’s art! Going on up, the headhouses are nice with translucent glass, as well. Buses? Well, three buses stop at street level. No busway here!

Tiles everywhere!
This is old…

The good: Well, it looks nice and is colorful! There’s also countdown clocks outside!

The bad: Eh, there’s not much for transit connections, and it’s not really dense or anything nearby.

Nearby points of interest: Railfans might be interested in Cabot Yard! You can also get a nice view of the skyline from by here. Aside from that, not much.

Transit connections:
Red Line (Ashmont, Braintree)
MBTA bus (9, 11, 47)

Overall, it’s a decent station. It’s among the lesser used stations around here, likely due to the lack of buses. But, being paranoid, I wouldn’t advise being here too long as seemingly every Red Line incident happens here.

Rating: 6/10


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