Silver Hill (MBTA)

Oh goody! Yet another station that’s fallen victim to the COVID-19 pandemic! First Mishawum, then Prides Crossing, and now Silver Hill?! Jesus Christ, it’s like Death himself is coming through axing various stations. Well……

That faint yellow line? Technically, that IS the platform!

So, let’s see. We have a wooden bridge that can barely hold a dial-a-ride cutaway van, a wood shack, barricaded stairs, BIKE RACKS?! WHAT THE HELL?! WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND IS GOING TO BICYCLE TO SILVER FUCKIN’ HILL?! WHY???????????????

That’s enough parking for a single big lifted truck!

Oh yeah, there’s parking here – in spite of the MBTA system map stating otherwise. However, it’s just large enough for ONE BIG DUMB LIFTED TRUCK YEAH BABY!!! Or, Brooke’s friend Emilee’s SUV. Yeah, she was willing to drive all the way out here (it was on their way back towards Lowell). Thanks, Emilee! However, would I recommend YOU (the reader) to drive out here for funsies? Nah, not really. If you can drive out to Silver Hill, you can probably drive out somewhere better like Lincoln or Kendal Green.

This bridge is weak enough to have cutaway vans banned from it!
The rinky-dinky-yankee-dankey-doodle-shite shelter, trackside. Hi, Brooke!

The good: It’s got some charm! That’s GOTTA count for something, right?!

The bad: This station, the least-used (before COVID) on the entire Commuter Rail, is inaccessible. It’s in the middle of nowhere, had limited service, and barely even had parking!

Nearby points of interest: Well……I mean, if you’re into railfanning and you’re okay with doing it either from the gravel patch or the overpass, have at it! If not….don’t even bother.

Transit connections: Nah.

Rating: 1/10

Overall, it’s a blessing this station isn’t open. It’s inaccessible and barely any trains even stopped here!


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