A very Green Winter (Part 4 – Magoun Square)

(part 1, part 2, part 3)

Alrighty, Magoun Square! So, everyone got off the train and went with Miles and co. to check it out. Here’s what I’ve found.


Of course, it’s a copy-paste of Ball Square largely. You’ve got a Pedal & Park, elevators (redundant, as there’s no ramp or grade crossing access!), no bathrooms, and some art. There’s also vending machines, and not a lot else. It’s pretty much where the Somerville bike path (still under construction, as of writing this) branches off from the GLX and meanders towards Davis Square and Alewife. Also, the station has lights that resemble tongs, so some added character? Sure!

Elevators and facing southbound!
“Salad tongs!”
– Miles

The good: It’s a short walk from Magoun Square proper! It’s also pretty much waist-deep in a residential neighborhood, so that should help with easing car dependency.

The bad: Pretty much the same issues as Ball Square, minus the grade crossing. It uses the honor system, and has no restrooms like at Medford.

Nearby points of interest: The station’s namesake, of course! There’s also the Somerville bike path which heads towards Davis Square and Alewife.

Transit connections: Green Line (E), MBTA bus (88 & 90 on Highland Ave., 80, 89, 93 @ Broadway)

Overall, there isn’t much special here. It’s not bad for a station, it’s serviceable, and it’s just “good”. Nothing to really ring home about.

Rating: 7/10

A very Green Winter (Part 3 – Ball Square)

NOTE: I strongly recommend reading the Medford (part 1) and East Somerville (part 2) entries before reading this one! (links will open in a new tab!)

Alrighty, after I reviewed East Somerville solo, I took the next train (20+ minute wait!!!) to Ball Square, at which point I’ve decided I’d get breakfast at Kelly’s Diner. By the way, 10/10 pancakes. It was here that I’ve also rejoined with Noel, Conor, Lynx, Miles, Jeremy, Jules, and the others. After tagging along with them and subsequently catching the 80 to Medford for Miles’ video review of that station, we returned to Ball Square. So, with that in mind, how does the station stack up?

The elevator-accessible entrance from across Kelly’s Diner

So, first off, the station has one non-redundant elevator (numbered inconsistently, with it being 769 on the inside, nice), but that’s not an issue since the other entrance, beside the Pedal & Park, is a grade crossing. Countdown clocks can also be found, so you can make the judgement call to run for your train. Behind the elevator is also what appears to be a pretty cool party area. Neat.

The island platform

Just like the rest of the Green Line Extension stations, the station uses an island platform with benches, trash bins, and signage. It works, nothing exciting. And yes, also like the rest of the GLX, it uses the honor system. Booooo! On the other hand, though, I’d argue this is a better railfanning spot than Medford/Tufts, for the Lowell Line and the Downeaster. In terms of nearby, you have Ball Square, the station’s namesake. It’s a pretty decent neighborhood, and while I didn’t explore it too much, Kelly’s Diner is pretty good for breakfast.

Zoomed on the Pedal & Park. Also, NIMBYs.
Zoomed in signage
Helvetica and someone interviewing Miles
Outbound Lowell train and snow trail!
The elevator!

The good: It’s in a very good location! Like, there’s actually stuff around unlike East Somerville! And, to be honest, this has got to be a personal favorite for the subway system, period. There’s also plenty of local businesses and restaurants to be had.

The bad: Still, honor system. Also, there’s no bathrooms here unlike Medford.

Nearby points of interest: The many shops and restaurants of Ball Square! I can personally vouch for Kelly’s Diner being good.

Transit connections: Green Line (E), MBTA bus (80, 89, 89/93)

Overall, I personally prefer this station over Medford when it comes to railfanning the Lowell Line and the Downeaster. However, objectively, it’s still slightly worse than Medford.

Rating: 7.5/10

From here, Myself, Miles, and co. would then take the next Green Line train to go further down the line. Stay tuned for Magoun and Gilman Squares!

A very Green Winter (Part 2 – East Somerville)

NOTE: I strongly recommend reading part 1 before continuing. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, please do that then return! Dont worry, itll open in a new tab!

After Medford, we were in the central subway on the Green Line. Wait, who’s that in the Princeton beanie? Well, if it ain’t Conor! Yeah, I met him at the Silver Line meetup with Miles, but here we were again by chance this time. We also coordinated to meet up with Lynx at Riverway, but instead he got on at Heath Street. I didn’t even realize it was him at first, only to find out he was only 13. Yeah, I was surprised myself. Anyways, moving on, I eventually parted ways with the two of them, as Lynx had to go to school and Conor went to the Ball Square festivities. And, that brings us (you, the reader, and I) to East Somervile.

The signage

I encountered Toby on the train, with him getting on and me off, quickly asking if there was anything to note about East Somerville. He said no, nothing of note. And yes, he was right.

The platform

You’ve got benches, artwork, vending machines, and a grade crossing for access. There’s also a Pedal & Park at the other side of the grade crossing, as well as what looks like a 3rd track. Yeah, there’s not much special about this one.

A Type 8!
The system map
Another Type 7!
The crossing and the Pedal & Park

The good: It’s got a Pedal & Park!

The bad: Yeah, there’s not a lot to the station. No TOD or anything to make it stand out. And, as such, it feels kinda “middle of nowhere”

Nearby points of interest: I’m not exactly familiar with the area, but it seems mostly industrial and suburban in nature. Union Square isn’t far, though!

Transit connections: Green Line (E), MBTA bus (86, 91)

Overall, this one’s a dud. I mean, I’m sure in due time it’ll get decent ridership, however it feels very “middle of nowhere” at the current time. At least it has a Pedal & Park and bus connections!

Rating: 6/10

Fortunately, after this, I wasn’t too insane, so I went up to Ball Square for some breakfast. Stay tuned!

A very Green Winter (Part 1 – Medford/Tufts University)

Thursday, November 17, 2022. To this point, we’ve only heard the Medford branch of the Green Line was scheduled to open in “late November”, however that was seeming more and more like horse crap. But there was a board meeting scheduled for the day, so maybe there was hope for an announcement of a date. While I couldn’t attend, someone else did.

Meet: Brooke.

She was sick and had the day off from work, and as such (despite unfortunate circumstances) were able to attend the virtual board meeting. Then it gets to the 10 AM hour and the moment of truth……

December 12, 2022. 4:45 AM.

However, I still did not have my work schedule for the day yet. But, some hope was in me still, as I had two options:
1. pray I had Monday and either Sunday or Tuesday off that week
2. Call out if I had to go in Monday and either Sunday or Tuesday.

Fortunately, come Saturday after Black Friday, I got my work schedule:
Sunday & Monday off. Perfect, I thought, as I proceeded to begin prepping. To have a rat’s chance in Hell at succeeding, I needed:
– a $20 for a day pass (on CharlieCard or a Commuter Rail zone 1A ticket)
– enough money for an Uber to Medford from South Station
– a ticket for Regional #166 (departs 12:26 AM on Monday)
– a zone 8 Commuter Rail ticket (for the return)
– something to snack on
– money for breakfast (I was planning on going to Kelly’s Diner in Ball Square)

This was, by far, the most deranged, insane, sadistic, masochistic, unhinged idea I’ve conjured up. And I was going to fucking do it. I was committed, and nothing could stop me. Not even the forecasted snow.

Fast forward to December 11th. I wake up at 5:30ish in the morning and bathe, as usual. Before meeting up with a friend, I had planned to buy some snacks for later at my local CVS. From there, I spent the day with them, with their mom being nice enough to offer English muffins for breakfast (thanks!). From here, after hanging with her for a bit, I decided on an impromptu visit to my dad, who lived in the same area, as the 22 was being useless as usual. Of course, after spending the rest of the day with him, he dropped me off at Providence Station relatively early, at 7:30 PM. I had 5 hours to spare.

The last inbound MBTA of the night!
And an Amtrak!

I managed to get a couple of shots of trains, and after about 6 hours and a 20 minute train delay on the last train, I finally made it to Boston. To be quite honest, Boston feels like an entirely different place at 1:30 AM. Hell, I’ve never seen downtown Boston as sleepy as I had. Even taking the Uber to Medford, with the view of the casino in Everett was an entirely different feeling. With my dropoff being a 7-Eleven, I had a mile walk ahead of me after buying some water. Of course, me being me, I braved the walk (it wasn’t bad), and I made a deviation on the way to admire the Boston skyline from afar, from Ball Square.

This feels weird, but relaxing at the same time
Boston at 2 AM!
Ball Square!

Of course, we’re not here to talk about Ball Square. We’re here to talk about Medford/Tufts University. So, I made my way there, and when I did there was a big wig from Tufts, along with some MBTA personnel, some of whom I talked to about the GLX, mainly more at the fact it’s finally finished after more than a lifetime of effort. So, thankfully, I wasn’t alone.

The tracks!

The station is sandwiched between College Avenue, Boston Avenue, and the Lowell Line’s right of way. A small bridge goes over one of the tracks, where fare vending machines, elevators, and a restroom(?!) can be found. No fare control though, so looks like it’s the honor system again. Moving down to the platform, you have two track stubs for the Green Line to terminate, some artwork, the Helvetica signage, a system map, and a sign indicating which track is departing like at Forest Hills, Alewife, and Braintree. Neat! A Pedal & Park can also be found at the station entrance.

The Helvetica signage!
Pedal & Park! Also, meet Toby!
Another peek inside!
Never challenge a Tufts student to a transit grand opening at odd hours, Mr. Poftak!
Union had nonfunctional elevators, this has dead pixels!
Helvetica at track level!
We made it!
The first train pulling in – with a type 8 leading!
There was an attempt (don’t worry, I got on the type 8!)

The good: It’s a very, VERY important location! Tufts University formerly had (and barely, at that, with a hill in the way) Davis Square, and just Davis Square, for rapid transit. Now, they get the Green Line to the front door! Also, there’s bathrooms! You don’t see that at many stations not named “North, South, or Back Bay Stations”!

The bad: Really? Honor system still?! Yeah, they just yelled at us to not worry about validating for the first train. Still had to pay for the return from Heath Street, but that was to be expected. Also, the bus stops aren’t well signed.

Nearby points of interest: Tufts University is the big name here!

Transit connections: Green Line (E), MBTA bus (80, 94, 96)

Overall, this station is major, and is probably going to be the source of heavy ridership for the branch. Furthermore, the nature of the station (bringing rapid transit directly to Tufts) makes it quite a historic day for the area. Will the rest of the stations hold up? Stay tuned to find out!

Rating: 8/10

From here, I rode the train all the way to Heath St., and tried to go back up, meeting up with Conor on the train, and Lynx at Heath St. Unfortunately for us, the train was taken out of service at Park St., and we had to wait. And, while they all went to Ball Square for festivities, I skipped out, instead opting to check out East Somerville. Stay tuned!

POV: you’re mentally insane.

FOOD REVIEW: Great Value Beef Taquitos

What, no transit-oriented entry for today? Yeah, sorry, I’m holding out until the Green Line Extension to Medford opens. However, that aside, let’s look at some food, shall we?

Nuking the food

So, the food itself is tasty, and kinda soft. It’s got the taste you’d expect from taquitos, so it’s not disappointing or anything like that. For $4 and change, you can’t go wrong (if you’re not banned from your local WAL*MART, that is). However, I would strongly recommend baking or air frying over microwaving. So, with that in mind, how would I rate this?

Easy. 7/10 if you nuke it, 10/10 if you bake it in the oven or an air fryer.

The goods

Foamer shots!

Shots of trains and whatnot! (this WILL grow as I do more entries and should I decide to go back and foam at other places)

Kingston Station (RI)

Guilford (Shore Line East)

Man, did I think Madison was the worst Shore Line East station. I mean, I still stand by that statement largely due to the fact it’s single-tracked. But, that didn’t prepare me for the nightmare of Guilford. So, how bad is it? Well, let’s find out.

to Guilford Station
There’s the signage!

So, getting off the train, the station already looks decrepit. Like, why?! Why are there benches taped off? Furthermore, why does the stairs look decrepit as hell?! The elevators? Nah, I don’t trust them. The worst part of this is that the station was rebuilt in 2005. Yeah, this thing is newer than South Attleboro and it’s already looking like its falling apart.

The obligatory track pic
Bike racks

I’ll at least give it credit: it has bike racks and a dropoff/pickup area on the westbound side. Furthermore, it’s triple-tracked so parked Shore Line East trains aren’t obstructing the mainline.

Westbound from the bridge
And eastbound!
The majority of the parking – it looks like a high-ish ridership station
A train coming in from New Haven
The bridge from outside
An Acela!
The other side – with the old red dot matrix sign
Another shot

The good: It’s in the middle of a residential neighborhood! Largely, that means (I presume) a decent amount of ridership is (probably) local. Plus, it’s decently used, given how full the parking lot is.

The bad: Why is this place falling apart?! Just, why?! It’s too new for that. Also, why is the ceiling in the indoor stair area netted?

Transit connections: Shore Line East

Nearby points of interest: The town of Guilford. Doesn’t seem too interesting, though.

Overall, it could be a decent station. It’s hindered greatly by the fact it’s just so decrepit-looking. C’mon ConnDOT, repair this place!

Rating: 5.5/10



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Madison (Shore Line East)

Alrighty, a SLE-exclusive (SLExclusive?) station!

I don’t know the typeface, but it’s not Helvetica Bold.

Alrighty, so Madison isn’t much. You have a big parking lot, presumably intended for a park & ride. Needless to say, parking was plenty and the lot was about half-full. That’s normal. What isn’t normal, however, is the platform.

No second platform?!

Yup. It’s just a singular side platform. This means not every run of the SLE can stop here. So, how does scheduling work? Well, in the morning rush hour period, trains are ran only westbound, while all other times have eastbound-only trains stopping here.

Empty track looking towards Old Saybrook and New London

The station is pretty much fully sheltered, with a facade of a station building. However, it’s not a building, but there are benches and some partly enclosed space.

The “building”
And outside!

Fortunately, there are benches and wastebins, so there’s some amenities. However, is it enough to save the lack of a second platform? No.

A Regional flying through

The good: It’s a park & ride off the interstate! It’s also fairly close to Madison’s town center, which seems like a nice place.

The bad: NO, NO, NO! WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE PLATFORM?! The single platform not only greatly hinders the Shore Line East’s service here, but also the Regional and Acela heading either way! Just, AUGH! No, just no! If there was a platform, this station could’ve scraped by with a 6, but NO!

Nearby points of interest: Madison’s town center! I’m not too familiar with the area, but it seems like a pretty nice place to relax and unwind.

Transit connections: Shore Line East, 9 Town Transit (641)

Overall, why? I think it’s the least-used SLE station, given it’s the only one that’s still single platform. However, a “least used” station still deserves at least two platforms, one for each direction. And if it doesn’t have that, it’s kinda a bad station. Sorry, Madison, but you deserve better.

Rating: 4/10

A nearby lake!
The Acela, after delays started to clear up!
A Regional!
Is it me or do these things sound like geese honking?

New London Union (Amtrak/SLE)

Alrighty, the eastern terminus of the Shore Line East! And, boy, does this one look nice!

The bus waiting area

So, the bus waiting area is a little ways up the street from the station, but it’s within view of the station, so it’s not far. It consists of a shelter and a bunch of benches. For it being SEAT’s New London hub, I’d expect more but whatever. Walking to the station, the platforms are in a similar configuration to what one would find on the Providence Line’s MBTA stations if anything, with a mini-high (though these are several cars long, not just one) and a low-level platform area on the other side of the street. Fortunately, the mini-highs are sheltered, but you better run to track 2 before the gates come down.

Down the tracks!
The high platform for track 2
The Amtrak sign

Moving into the waiting area in the station building, it’s quite nice. In a way, it feels like something you’d expect from a modern station, while retaining the vintage feel of the building. Here, Amtrak and Greyhound ticketing can be found, along with a cafe area. Apparently the womens’ bathroom smelled like fish, per a friend.

The waiting area
Track 1’s mini-high
This is nice.
The station building
Westbound from the low platform on track 2
Track 6’s decrepit platform, unused
Oh look, an M8!

The good: It’s centrally located in downtown New London! And, for a station serving a small town of about 25000, it’s pretty well used with similar ridership figures to Kingston/URI. Furthermore, most Shore Line East trains end here, along with many Regional trains stopping here. The station building itself is also pretty nice.

The bad: However, the bus area could be better. Yeah, it’s nice it’s sheltered, but I’d think a dedicated berth or three would be better. I mean, you have Greyhound and SEAT primarily. Also, the grade crossing. It’s a major “screw you” should you be running late. Shoulda kept the footbridge instead of demolishing it. And, why is track 6 unused and un-electrified? I think it’d be better to have the M8s lay over there instead of obstructing one of the two mainline tracks. Also, would countdown signs outside like at Kingston or Old Saybrook have been too much?

Nearby points of interest: Pretty much all of New London, plus SEAT’s reach. There’s also Block and Long Islands via the ferries.

Transit connections: Shore Line East, Northeast Regional, 9 Town Transit (643), SEAT (1, 2, 3, 12, 13, 14, 15, 108), Greyhound, prison (via Amtrak police)

Overall, I like this station as well. It managed to survive into the 21st century retaining its vintage feel, but with a modern refurb. The fact track 6 isn’t used is irritating though. It’s also a scenic place to railfan, if that’s your thing.

Rating: 7/10

There it is!
Oh yeah, it blocks the street.
Another Regional, wrong track
Oh, that’s why.