66X (Beach Bus: to Central Falls)

Alrighty, the second of three Beach Bus routes! This one ended up being ridden with my phone being almost dead, so I’ll have to reuse pictures for this post. Not the best way to go, but whatever. Alrighty, so the route is literally the same as the Woonsocket Beach Bus, but instead it’s supposed to skip Kennedy Plaza. It also gets off 95 in Pawtucket. It deviates off I-95 at exit 28, where it then goes to the Transit Center. From there, it follows the 75. That’s it. That’s literally the whole route.

From the Woonsocket post, a picture of a bus laying over in Galilee
From the 80, not the same street but the interstate from above
Money laundering front near the end of the route (from the 72‘s post)

The good: Direct link to Galilee from Central Falls and Pawtucket!

The bad: …it’s a bit long.

Nearby points of interest: Pawtucket, Central Falls, and the beaches of South County. Not much else.

Overall, I’ve seen better. However, this is probably the best you’ll get with a South County/Pawtucket express, albeit with a long run time. At least it’s easier to get out of Pawtucket than it is to leave Woonsocket.

Rating: 5/10


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