Bourne (CapeFlyer)

Alrighty, a CapeFlyer station, and the only MBTA station outside my jurisdiction. Now, am I going to visit this station just to write a blog? Nah.

A low-quality JPEG from Wikipedia.

Yup, it’s just a sheltered mini-high. That’s it. No low platform, no nothing. There’s a ramp though! So, I guess in a sense, it’s a high-level version of Windsor Locks. There’s some parking, but not much, and not much in the way of transit connections. As for the location? Yup, it’s directly underneath the Bourne Bridge. Does CCRTA stop at this station? Not really.

The good: It’s a (very limited) link between Bourne, downtown Boston, and Hyannis. I’m sure there’s probably a few tourists who’d get off here, but it’s largely a kiss & ride station.

The bad: It’s literally just a mini-high with no low. It’s also not a good park & ride, and it’s directly under the Bourne Bridge.

Transit connections:
CCRTA (Falmouth Shuttle)

Nearby points of interest: Nah.

Overall, I mean it’s not too terrible. If it were a normal MBTA station, I’d say it has potential. However, I doubt the T would extend the Middleborough Line out this far. And truthfully, it’s a shame since I legitimately wish it wasn’t so difficult to go out to the Cape without a car.

Rating: 3/10


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